We provide specialist eye care services to help maintain and maximize your pet's eye health

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Eye Exams

A comprehensive exam with diagnostic tests to check your pet's eye health and vision.

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Eye Surgery

How we can help improve your pet's eye health and vision.

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OFA Eye Screening

Screening for inherited eye diseases in dogs use for breeding.

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Slit lamp
Indirect ophthalmoscope

Eye Exams

At your pet’s appointment, we perform a thorough exam with specialized tests to help diagnose the cause of their eye problem.

During this exam we use the same instruments and perform the same diagnostic tests that you will have experienced at your own eye health professional's office.

To examine the outside and front of the eye we use a hand-held microscope (slit lamp). This allows magnification of the front parts of the eye that includes the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea (the clear window into the eye), the iris (coloured part inside your eye), pupil and the lens (where cataracts form).

Diagnostic tests include

checking tear production

, looking for evidence of corneal ulcers

(fluorescein stain)


measuring intraocular pressure.

Eye Surgery

After diagnosing the problem with your pet’s eye, we may need to perform surgery to help improve their eye health and vision.

Surgeries that we regularly perform include:

  • Eyelids - Correcting rolling in, rolling out, extra eyelashes and removal of growths.

  • Dry eye - Moving the outlet of a salivary duct to the eye to for replacement “tears”.

  • Third eyelid – Replacement of prolapsed glands, correction of deformed cartilage.

  • Cornea – Repairing nonhealing ulcers, placing grafts for complicated ulcers, removal of abnormal tissue, foreign body removal, repairing trauma.

  • Laser of iris cysts and localized iris melanomas.

  • Glaucoma – Laser to decrease fluid production, placement of intraocular prosthesis.

  • Lens - Cataract removal and placement of artificial lenses, removal of luxated lenses.

OFA Eye Screening

OFA is an organization set up in the USA to maintain a registry of eye examinations performed by a board certified Ophthalmologist on dogs used for breeding. This allows breeders to see the eye health status of animals they may want to breed their dog with.

Due to an overwhelming demand for referral ophthalmology services and the current 6 week backlog to see new clinical cases, Dr. Whelan is not able to provide OFA eye exams in the clinic.

Dr. Whelan regularly performs OFA Canine Animal Eye Registry (CAER) certification exams at clinics around Ontario. He has arranged one clinic a month from May through October to help meet the demand for eye screening clinics. A list of these can be found by clicking the button below.
2023 Future eye screening clinics

For more information on OFA CAER certification exams and inherited eye diseases in your breed, you can visit the OFA website.

There are equivalent organizations around the world and you should consider using these if you are planning on bringing a breeding dog into Canada.

Australia - Australian Canine Eye Scheme

Great Britain - British Veterinary Association Eye Scheme

Europe - European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Eye Scheme